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Who & Why

Meet the staff and learn why we do this.
Read about the Goals and Scope of UltravioletPhotography.com.

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Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself to other UVP members.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests.

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UV Multispectral Fjord Landscape (Western Norway)


A Choice of Uncertainties
The Bridge into Winter
Linville Bluffs View
Conical Cells on Shasta Daisy Rays
Sneezeweed:  Helenium 'Mardi Gras'
Tall Greenhood Orchid:  Visible
Tall Greenhood Orchid:  Ultraviolet

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Important UVP news.

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UVP Rules & Guidelines

Everything you need to know about Membership or posting Formal Presentations.
Please read these Rules and Guidelines.

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Requests for Photographs

We will be happy to help you obtain a photograph.

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Feedback & Support

Report any issues, make suggestions or let us know what you think about our website.

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Techniques, Tests & Gear

  1. Filter Discussions & Tests,
  2. Lens Spectra using Jeweler's Spectroscope or Gratings,
  3. Lens Photo Gallery

Discuss gear and alternate light techniques.
Post your field tests, experiments and comparisons of various gear items.
Ask technical questions here.

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UV Lens Technical Data

  1. Comparisons of UV Lenses,
  2. Lens Chart Results,
  3. UV Lenses: Dedicated,
  4. UV Lenses: Normal,
  5. UV Lenses: Non-helicoidal,
  6. UV Lenses: Unusual

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STICKIES, References & Lists

Pinned ("Sticky") references for UV/IR Cameras, Lenses, Filters, Lighting.
Academic & Tech References, Floras, Botanical Lists and more.
READ THESE STICKIES first and then you can ask more informed questions.

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Essays & Tutorials

Explain the How or Explain the Why.
A generally formal presentation is requested.

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Ultraviolet & Multispectral Photos

UV, UV-mix, multispectral work or UV/Vis/IR stacks
can go here if they do not fit in other categories.

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Infrared and Related Photos

IR, IR-mix, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR photos
can go here if they do not fit in other categories.

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Non-technical Experiences

Non-technical, random ruminations on UV/IR photography.
Almost a chat room but not quite.

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ID Help

Ask for help in identifying a flower or plant.
Or anything else.

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Show us any animal or insect life you have captured in UV, IR or any other alternate light.
Please do not use artificial UV illumination (flashes, LEDs) in such a way as to harm animal and insect eyes!

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Fluorescence & Luminescence

Display all types of fluorescence & luminescence however induced (UV/Vis/IR).

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Forensics & Other Investigations

Enter the world of CSI through UV or IR techniques.
Investigate art objects under alternate lighting.
Or, just show everyone how ordinary things look in UV/IR.

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People and Portraits

Show us how people appear in alternate light whether casually gathered or formally posed.

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Scapes: Land, Sea, City

So how does the long view look when photographed in alternate light?
Show us your land, sea, desert, city or any other Scape.

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UV Wildflowers by Family

  1. [A],
  2. [B],
  3. [C],
  4. [D] [E],
  5. [F] [G],
  6. [H],
  7. [I] [J] [K] [L],
  8. [M],
  9. [N] [O],
  10. [P],
  11. [R],
  12. [S],
  13. [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

We try to follow the system APG III 2009 unless otherwise indicated.
Presentations are formal.

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UV Cultivars: Garden & Decorative Flora

Garden flora, potted blossoms, florist's bouquets - all have interesting UV signatures too.
Presentations are formal.

  • 90 topics

UV Cultivars: Vegetables, Herbs & Crops

What pollination patterns are seen in our vegetable gardens, herb pots and crop fields?
Presentations are formal.

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UV Other Botanicals

Moss, stems, fruits, leaves, fungus, lichens - anything non-animal.
Presentations are formal.

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Various indices by genus/species, common name or family for UV Botanicals.

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