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Posted 15 July 2013 - 19:02

[First Published 27 March 2013] [Last Updated 10 January 2020]

Birna Rørslett and Andrea G. Blum, as Owners and Administrators of UltravioletPhotography.com,
reserve the right to enforce the following Forum Rules in order to provide a valuable, high-standard, reliable resource about Ultraviolet photography of the natural world.


The official language of this site is English.

Please keep in mind that for some members English is a secondary language, so we encourage you to interpret meanings with a friendly spirit.


Members are expected to show an overall conduct comparable to what one would encounter in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Debate here, as in any field of science, is considered positive and useful for providing better insights into the matter under scrutiny. However, all discussion must be kept to the highest standards and language.

Contentious behaviour and language by members will not be be tolerated under any circumstance and if found will be immediately removed. An offending member might be banned for a set period of time or have their membership revoked at the Administrators' discretion when a breach of conduct is found.

Personal attacks will lead to immediate banishment. For this offence there is zero tolerance.


To deliver good quality, reliable UV information, we require that all formal posts or articles contributed to Ultravioletphotography.com adhere to our Publication Guidelines. We have marked those forum sections that require such a formal scientific presentation in which it is paramount that all material and methods must be documented and detailed to allow observations to be repeated for corroboration.

Consider your contribution to a formal section as though it were to be a submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. (No, we do not actually think we are a peer-reviewed scientific journal. But we encourage accuracy and competence.)

Please read and follow the requirements in Publishing Guidelines: Formal Botanical Presentation.


Members are entirely and solely responsible for the factual content of their posts whether in a formal section or an informal one.

A description of UV methodology and equipment is required in a formal presentation, and references are strongly encouraged. Please see Publishing Guidelines: Formal Botanical Presentation for further details.


We may use the word "photograph" and "image" interchangeably.

All images in a post must be uploaded using the provided facility. You may not link to a photograph or graphic posted elsewhere. Such links will be removed. This practice is enforced to make documentary material persistable and and thus make this site self-contained by not being dependent upon external web sites and their continued existence.

Our Ultraviolet photographs are a valuable documentary resource. All images on this site are to be considered copyrighted by the owner whether or not they are marked as such.

If you are a UVP member, you retain full copyright and ownership of your uploaded photographs. We encourage you to watermark your posted images with a proper copyright statement. Please see Publishing Guidelines: Formal Botanical Presentation for further details about image sizes and watermarks.

No one is permitted to download and use a posted image without explicit permission from the image owner.
If you would like to purchase an image file for printing, please refer to Guidelines for Image Requests.

References to UVP posts may be made as would be done for any other information source in a scientific journal or magazine either printed or online. A post's URL link may be included in the reference. All formal posts have an initial reference string which may be copied and pasted as a reference.