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Melampyrum pratense [Common Cow-wheat]

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 21:11

Rørslett, B. 2014. Melampyrum pratense L. (Orobanchaceae). Common Cow-wheat. Flowers photographed in visible and ultraviolet light. http://www.ultraviol...mmon-cow-wheat/

Melampyrum pratense L.
NO: Stormarimjelle
SE: Ängkovall
DK: Almindelig Kohvede
FI: Kangasmaitikka
DE: Wiesen-Wachtelweizen
EN: Common Cow-wheat

Formerly placed in the Scrophulariaceae, the hemiparasitic genus Melampyrum now is placed into the Orobanchaceae. M. pratense is native to Europe and is widely distributed from lowlands into the lower mountain ranges. In Norway it extends into Arctic regions. Although the scientific Latin name suggests it is a meadow-dwelling species, it in fact is even more common in dry forests or heath moorlands.

Flowering occurs in mid summer and the corolla normally is a pale yellow with some reddish adornments, but can appear deeper yellow or near orange as well. The flowers are visited by a number of pollinators including bumblebees. The seeds contain an elaiosome and are eagerly visited by ants.

Material collected at Hvaler, Norway, 4 August 2014.

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Image reference: MELA_PRA_B14080551473_VIS

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Image reference; MELA_PRA_I1408052130_UV