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Bunias erucago [Crested Warty-Cabbage]

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 10:05

Rørslett, B. 2014. Bunias erucago L. (Brassicaceae). Crested Warty-Cabbage. Flowers photographed in visible and ultraviolet light. http://www.ultraviol...-warty-cabbage/

The genus Bunias holds only two accepted species, of which B. orientalis is the better known and widely introduced in Europe and elsewhere. Its relative, B. erucago, is a plant of much less visual significance and being profusely branched lacks entirely the tall growth so characteristic of B. orientalis. They do share the same kind of pale yellow flowers and short siliques with crests and appendages.

Material collected at Lovćen Nature Reserve, Montenegro 24 June 2014, at an altitude of 900 m a.s.l. The specimens were identified on basis of their very characteristic crested fruits.

Attached Image: BUNI_ERU_G1406241206_VIS.jpg
Image reference: BUNI_ERU_G1406241206_VIS.jpg
Visible light: Nikon Df, Voigtländer APO-Lanthar 125 m f/2.5 lens, daylight

Attached Image: BUNI_ERU_I1406241698_UV.jpg
Image reference: BUNI_ERU_I1406241698_UV.jpg

Attached Image: BUNI_ERU_I1406241700_UV.jpg
Image reference: BUNI_ERU_I1406241700_UV.jpg
Ultraviolet light: Nikon D3200 (modified), Coastal Optics 60 mm f/4 APO lens, internal Baader U2" (Venus) filter, SB-140 flash