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Mock-orange blossom

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#1 Andy Perrin


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Posted 11 June 2019 - 18:31

I think this is a false orange blossom, although I'm open to correction. [Note: changed to Mock-orange in title.] A sample of the leaves is below for ID purposes. But let's start with the good photos.

Of note, the SWIR photos looked identical to the NIR ones for this flower, unlike for the buttercup.

halogen, Sony A7S, Noflexar 35mm/3.5, BG38 2mm F16 0.6" iso80
Attached Image: _DSC1926 halogen Noflexor35mm BG38 F16 0.6%22  iso80 UVP.jpg

ConvoyS2+, Sony A7S, Noflexar 35mm/3.5, S8612 1.75mm+UG11, 2mm F16 iso1250 15"
saturation increased a lot
Attached Image: _DSC1922 ConvoyS2+ Noflexor35mm S8612 1.75mm+UG11 2mm F16 iso1250 15%22 UVP.jpg

Near infrared (~1000nm)
halogen, Sony A7S, Noflexar 35mm/3.5, IR 1000nm long pass, F16 2.5" iso100
focal stacked, contrast adjusted
Attached Image: _DSC1920 halogen Noflexor35mm IR1000 F16 2.5%22  iso100 UVP.jpg

halogen, TriWave Ge-CMOS, Kowa LM12HC-SW 12.5mm/1.4 F, F1.4 gain=0.5 0.13"
focal stacked, contrast adjusted, denoised and sharpened
Attached Image: white flower 2 focal stack denoise UVP.jpg

Pics for ID purposes:
Attached Image: leaves of %22false orange%22.JPG

Attached Image: leaves of %22false orange%22 2.JPG

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#2 nfoto

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Posted 11 June 2019 - 19:40

A Philadelphus species, also named Mock-Orange.