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Posted 01 September 2016 - 17:04

UVP has some search tags which can be added to the first post in a topic. When clicked on, these tags bring up a list of other similarly tagged topics. This makes for an easy search on certain topics. The current tags are fairly broad, but very useful. They were chosen because there were a significant number of topics fitting each tag.
  • Conical Cells
  • Filters (use for any kind of filters)
  • Fluoresence (use for any kind of luminescence)
  • Infrared
  • Insect Vision (perhaps should be 'animal vision'?)
  • Multispectral
  • UV Camera
  • UV Film
  • UV Lens
  • UV Lighting
  • UV Portrait
  • White Balance
I am open to defining new tags if there are a significant number of topics which could use them. If a new tag is defined, one of the time-consuming chores is attempting to retrofit old topics. So keep that in mind. (If someone goes through all the topics and gives me a list of those which could be tagged with the new tag, then I can perform the tagging chore in the database.)

Tagging a topic requires that you be in the Full Editor.
When you start a new topic, you are automatically placed there.

Start New Topic > Topic Tags > Add a tag

If you have written a topic and later realize it needs a tag, you can do that via the topic Edit button.

Edit > Use Full Editor > Topic Tags > Add a tag

When you click Add a tag, a scrolling, drop-down list of tags appear. Up to 6 tags may be added to a topic.

Add a tag.
Attached Image: add_a_tag.jpg

Scrolling tag list.
Attached Image: dropdown_tag2.jpg
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