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Posted 11 April 2013 - 14:28


Our primary goals for Ultravioletphotography.com are the publication of scientific, documentary reflected Ultraviolet photographs and the delivery of reliable, high-quality technical information on Ultraviolet photography and related topics.


Our initial publications are botanical, emphasizing reflected Ultraviolet floral signatures because that is the founders' primary interest. However, we have provided sections for Ultraviolet landscapes, people, forensics and fauna in hopes that other UV photographers will join us and find a home to publish their work in those areas. Related infrared, multispectral or fluorescence photography is also welcomed.

We have also created some informal, non-scientific UV sections for everyone. There we can encourage and help beginners get a start in Ultraviolet photography. And experienced UV photographers can find some freedom to post experimental work.

We have a variety of technical articles about how to make UV photographs and how best to use UV gear. More such articles will be published as we progress. While we have provided some reference UV gear lists, please note that we do not wish to unduly emphasize UV gear or its acquisition. That is best discussed on other forums.


To deliver good quality, reliable UV information, we require that all formal posts or articles contributed to Ultravioletphotography.com adhere to our publication guidelines. We have marked those forum sections that require such a formal scientific presentation in which it is paramount that all material and methods must be documented and detailed to allow observations to be repeated for corroboration.

Anyone posting here must consider their contribution to one of our formal sections as if it were a submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Please read our publication and posting standards here: Publishing and Posting.


Here you will see no likes, no tweets, no Facebook links, no advertising and no breaking news. As Bjørn says - time runs slowly in this little corner of the cyberworld.

Of course, comments and friendly discussion or scientific debate between members is encouraged as related to the various posted topics. We hope to learn from one another by such interactions.

Please look here for details about becoming a member: Membership Application.
And please check out our few simple guidelines about being a good member: Forum Rules.


All images on this site are to be considered copyrighted whether or not they are marked as such. Our Ultraviolet photographs are a valuable documentary resource. Please consult Forum Rules for details about image usage.

While we are not a commercial site dependent on sales for our existence, you may purchase some of our documentary image files. Please see: Guidelines for Image Requests.

We welcome you to Ultravioletphotography.com and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.
Cheers -
Bjørn Birna & Andrea