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#1 Alex H

    Oleksandr Holovachov

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 19:37

Here are few books I can personally recommend on the subject. I have and used all these books – I would not recommend any book that I do not have and am not able to read myself. I have a lot more books on lens design in my library but these four are the ones I use most. There are a lot more books on the history of camera lenses, but the one listed below is the most basic and general. I might be adding more in the future.

History of photographic lenses:

R.Kingslake (1989) A History of the Photographic Lens. Academic Press. ISBN 0-12-408640-3

Optical lens design:

J.Bentley & C.Olson (2012) Field Guide to Lens Design. SPIE Press. ISBN 978-0-8194-9164-0
R.Kingslake & R.B.Johnson (2010) Lens Design Fundamentals. SPIE Press. ISBN 978-0-12-374301-5
M.Laikin (2006) Lens Design. CRC Press. ISBN 978-0-8493-8278-9
W.J.Smith (1992) Modern Lens Design. McGraw Hill. ISBN 0-07-059178-4

Technical literature:

C.R.Arnold, P.J.Ross & J.C.J.Stewart (1971) Applied Photography. Focal Press. ISBN 0-240-50723-1
S.F.Ray (1999) Scientific Photography and Applied Imaging. Focal Press. ISBN 978-0750621175
E.Savazzi (2011) Digital Photography for Science. Lulu.com. ISBN 978-0-557-91133-2

#2 Andrea B.

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 21:39

Alex -

Thank you very much for providing UltravioletPhotography with a good reference list for optical lens design and history.

We all come to UVP with different backgrounds, so having some solid reference lists is important for those of us who want to extend our knowledge or brush up on the fundamentals.

Thanks also for the scientific photography suggestions.

Regards - Andrea B.
Andrea G. Blum
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#3 igoriginal


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Posted 02 March 2014 - 06:38

Thank you so much, Oleksandr!

I am grateful for these referenced suggestions! I am always eager to enlighten myself with anything that I still remain ignorant of, so thanks immensely!
Igor Butorsky

#4 Shane


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Posted 05 March 2014 - 21:38

Although not related to photography equipment this is an interesting book with regards to colour that I have owned for many years.

The Chemistry and Physics of Color by K. Nassau

This book falls between a general "glossy" overview and full on formulae type science book.