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Polemonium caeruleum [Jacob's Ladder]

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 11:18

Rørslett, B. 2013. Polemonium caeruleum L. (Polemoniaceae). Jacob's Ladder. Flowers photographed in visible and ultraviolet light. http://www.ultraviol...-jacobs-ladder/

Polemonium caeruleum L.
(sometimes written Polemonium coeruleum)
NO: Fjellflokk
SE: Blågull

DK: Almindelig Jakobsstige
FI: Lehtosinilatva
IS: Jakobsstigi
DE: Himmelsleiter
EN: Jacob's Ladder; Greek Valerian

This is a medium tall, to 1 m, perennial species native to Eurasia in a variety of geographical races. It is frequently cultivated as an ornamental plant and thus introduced outside its native range.

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