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Hello everyone from Moscow

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#1 macmicus


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Posted 12 April 2021 - 23:13

Hello from Moscow!
I am a photographer with a long history of museum work. I'm also interested in scientific photography, especially macro photography. In recent years, I have also been restoring historical photographs including the earliest ones such as daguerreotypes and talbotypes. Now we are dealing with the problem of visualizations of photographic images on damaged photos. Interesting results were obtained when using transmitted IR for photographic negatives with different spots and now we want to continue these experiments in the UV spectrum.
Attached Image: neg2.jpg
Attached Image: 2.jpg
I hope that my experience in such work and the knowledge of the members of this forum will be mutually useful.

Good luck to everyone!

#2 Andy Perrin


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Posted 12 April 2021 - 23:14

Hi! We have plenty of Russian members already so you should find people here who know "local conditions."

I've done quite a bit of work with using SWIR in the 1500nm range to look through patinas on old books, like this:

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#3 colinbm


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Posted 13 April 2021 - 03:02

Hello Macmicus & welcome.
I like learning about UV & IR photography & using LEDs & I enjoy trying to make my own LEDs too.
Have fun here & share with us your knowledge & photos please.

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#4 nfoto

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Posted 13 April 2021 - 07:39

Welcome to UVP and its expanding Russian section :smile: looking forward to see and discuss your contributions.

#5 macmicus


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Posted 13 April 2021 - 09:09

Thank you for your warm welcome!

#6 Dmitry

    Dmitry K.

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Posted 17 April 2021 - 21:47

Hello neighbour :wink:

#7 Alaun


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Posted 18 April 2021 - 10:15

Welcome here macmicus.

From your pictures, I assume you are building a scanner, which uses UV-light ( as photo scanners often include IR-light, to remove dust etc.)?

#8 macmicus


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Posted 20 April 2021 - 09:37

the scanner has been redesigned to work with transmitted infrared light. We have provided the ability to disable the built-in illuminator.