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Saponaria ocymoides [Rock Soapwort]

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Posted 13 February 2021 - 23:42

Blum, A.G. (2021) Saponaria ocymoides L. (Caryophyllaceae) Rock Soapwort. Flowers photographed in ultraviolet, infrared, visible and UV+B+G light. https://www.ultravio...-rock-soapwort/

La Secuela, El Dorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
13 May 2020
Cultivar in home garden

  • Bootia ocymoides Neck. ex Rchb.
  • Saponaria alsinoides Viv.
  • Spanizium ocymioides (L.) Griseb.
Other Common Names:
  • Tumbling Ted
This popular garden ornamental, a native of Southern Europe, exhibits UV-dark false-blue flowers similar to its cousin S. officinalis. Interestingly, the flowers fade to pale UV-light tones as they age. I do not know what has caused the white speckling seen in both the UV and the Visible frames, but it is probably caused by an aging or weathering factor as there did not appear to be any insect damage on the plant.

1. Missouri Botanical Garden (acc 13 Feb 2021) Saponaria ocymoides.

Equipment [Nikon D610-broadband + Nikon 105mm f/4.5 UV-Nikkor]

Visible Light [f/8 for 1/800" @ ISO-200 in Sunlight with Baader UVIR-Block Filter]
Attached Image: saponariaOcymoides_vis_sun_20200513laSecuela_18991pn01pn.jpg

Ultraviolet Light [f/8 for 1/1.6" @ ISO-200 in Sunlight with BaaderU UV-Pass Filter]
Note the older, lighter flowers.
Attached Image: saponariaOcymoides_uvBaad_sun_20200513laSecuela_18995pn01.jpg

Infrared Light [f/8 for 1/1000" @ ISO-200 in Sunlight with B+W 092 IR-Pass Filter]
Attached Image: saponariaOcymoides_ir092_sun_20200513laSecuela_19007pn01.jpg

UV+Blue+Green [f/8 for 1/8" @ ISO-200 in Sunlight with UG5(2.0mm) + S8612(2.0mm)]
Attached Image: saponariaOcymoides_ug5x2_s8612x2_sun_20200513laSecuela_19017pn01.jpg
Andrea G. Blum
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