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Bird vision (again)

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#41 Jim Lloyd


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Posted 08 December 2020 - 18:50

Thanks Steve

Looks like you caused the system to crash (only joking!)

Or maybe I did - I was just posting this reply when it went down ...

Thanks Steve

aah - I'm using View NX2 - (not Capture NX2) - the free version and this only has point correction.

But I do wonder if my context how important WB is? - if I am trying to express something of an alien sensorium?

I guess one could surmise that birds have a concept of white which is what they experience when all cones are equally stimulated? But even if that is true, does doing that and making it look "right" to our eyes help to communicate the issue - namely one of trying to understand something beyond our comprehension. The problem then is well if not WB what else? I can't think of another "anchor" - other than just being purely intuitive - which is what I did above ...

Just thinking aloud

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Posted 09 December 2020 - 07:03

Hmm, my marquee illustration photo? Yeah, weird, it was gone, I just cleaned it out and reposed it.
So I am finally famous then, right? :wink:
Well, I hope it wasn't my pic that did it. :unsure:

Well, white balance is very important. It makes a huge difference. Otherwise results have a color cast and often have poor contrast also.
If you want to use some kind of white balance target, then that can be done, but from my experience with UV+Blue+Green+... images, the full frame WB can often times be the best.
Also white balancing on a smaller gray area can work nicely also. But no white balance is not usually ever very nice, and I would say never as good as an optimized white balance from RAW.
The only time I have experience otherwise is an in camera white balance from WhiBal gray card with the 729+KG3 stack. But that is very rare from my experience and my equipment.
Since you are using Nikon, I would imagine you will have very similar results as I do...
So white balancing from RAW using Photo Ninja seems to be the best for me.

#43 Jim Lloyd


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Posted 09 December 2020 - 08:21

Thanks Steve

All the images I showed above are WB in ViewNX2

My question about WB is more of a philosophical one in the particular context of an art project that seeks to explore how we might imagine how birds see -

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#44 Cadmium


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Posted 11 December 2020 - 22:39

Bird philosophy :smile: I don't know how they see things. You can white balance something however you want, however it looks best to you.
Removing any color cast looks best to me, no matter what area is selected and sampled for the WB.
I am unfamiliar with white balance using ViewNX2, does it do white balance from RAW?
When I say "NX2" I am referring to Capture NX2 (CNX2 more specifically).
NX-D is another option, much the same as CNX2, except the 'Marquee' is different, not really an option, but the single point can be click dragged to a very small square, for more than one pixel sample,
but not the full frame. But it can work. I think it is a free download, still?

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#45 ori333


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Posted 15 December 2020 - 23:52

Love your project.