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Posted 21 April 2020 - 16:59

Too much Gallery clutter! :blink: :omy:

The personal Galleries were meant to showcase a Member's work in portfolio form or narrative form (or whichever form a Gallery owner might choose). So we really did *not* want comments and photos from other members uploaded to a Member's personal gallery. This wasn't made entirely clear. So we are having a little do-over of the personal Galleries. :smile:

All personal Gallery owners have been placed into a new group: Members+G.
  • Members+G automatically have the increased upload space.
    (Remember, any Member can be placed in Members+ for increased upload space.
    Just PM and ask for it.)
  • Only Members+G can create topics and upload photos in the Gallery area.
    The groups Members and Members+ can no longer comment or add photos there.

Now, I'll try to figure out how to "clean up" the existing Galleries so that their owner can get back to work on presenting their portfolio of UV/IR work.
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