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Vicia cracca [Tufted/Bird/Cow Vetch]

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 22:29

Duda, M. (2019) Vicia cracca L. (Fabaceae) Tufted/Bird/Cow Vetch. Photographs of reflected ultraviolet, visible, ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence, reflected infrared, ultraviolet induced infrared fluorescence, and cyan induced infrared fluorescence. (link to this post: https://www.ultravio...dbirdcow-vetch/)

Andover, Massachusetts, USA
2019.July.02, Nondescript parking lot border.

Pollinators: Bees, flies, butterflies.

Comment: This specimen was taken from the border of an open parking lot, among a dense bed of mixed vegetation.

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Nikon D750 (modified) + Nikon 50 mm Series E + 12 mm extension tube
Illuminant, excitation, and barriers vary as listed below.

Visible: 0.5'', f /11, ISO320; source: ABR800 ringflash; S8612 + 420 nm long pass lens filters
Attached Image: 2019-07-02_16-58-26_flash--s8612-420lp.jpg

Ultraviolet: 8.0'', f /11, ISO320; source: MTE-U303 + U340 filter; Asahi 0340 lens filter
Attached Image: 2019-07-02_16-56-19_mte-u303--0340.jpg

Ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence: 20'', f /11, ISO320; source: MTE-U303 + U340 filter; Baader UV/IR cut + KV4181 lens filters
Attached Image: 2019-07-02_16-59-40_mte-u340--baader-kv418.jpg
1. Image overlay text is mislabeled

Reflected infrared: 2.0'', f /11, ISO320; source: 40W clear glass incandescent bulb; R72 + YK2 lens filters
Attached Image: 2019-07-02_17-02-05_incan--r72-yk2.jpg

Ultraviolet induced infrared fluorescence: 20'', f /11, ISO320; source: S2+ + U340 + KVHM filters; R72 + YK2 lens filters
Attached Image: 2019-07-02_17-03-01_s2-u340-kvhm--r72-yk2.jpg

Cyan induced infrared fluorescence: 20'', f /11, ISO320; source: cyan LED + BG39 filter, R72 + YK2 lens filters
Attached Image: 2019-07-02_17-04-07_cyanled-bg39--r72-yk2.jpg

MD, 2019.July.13, 22:31 UTC

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Posted 14 July 2019 - 19:55

Thank you, Mark!
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