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Publishing Guidelines: UPLOAD FILE SIZE and Pixel Dimensions

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Posted 16 April 2015 - 16:01

Update: 07 May 2018: modified remarks about maximum width.


Save your JPG images at
  • maximum dimensions between 800-1200 pixels wide for best page display
  • maximum 50% - 80% JPG quality for smaller file size and faster loading
Thank you!
  • If a photo is too large in file size, then it will slow down the loading of the topic or photo from the server.
    We pay for CPU time, not for disk storage.
  • If a photo is too large in pixel dimensions, then the forum software will resize it for you.
    Not that this is not always a bad thing.
  • Practice with your own photo app to determine which combination of pixel dimension and JPG quality works best for your photo.
Example of JPG Quality: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Here's an example to show that saving at a JPG quality under 100% does not damage the presentation of your images. I've picked a nice UV foto of an African Violet from which I'll take an unresized extract to save at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% JPG quality using Capture NX2.

African Violet in UV
This is the edited, finished photo resized before posting to an 800 pixel width.
Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676pnPf_800px.jpg

African Violet Conical Cells :: 204Kb :: 100% JPG quality :: unresized 330x330px extract
Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext100q.jpg

African Violet Conical Cells :: 149Kb :: 75% JPG quality :: unresized 330x330px extract
Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext75q.jpg

African Violet Conical Cells :: 107Kb :: 50% JPG quality :: unresized 330x330px extract
Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext50q.jpg

African Violet Conical Cells :: 73Kb :: 25% JPG quality :: unresized 330x330px extract
Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext25q.jpg

Let's look at those extracts in an unlabeled, mixed 4x4 block.
Expand your browser to permit a 660 pixel wide display so that you can see the block of 4.
Do not hover your cursor over the block until you've decided which looks best and which looks worst !!

Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext75q.jpgAttached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext25q.jpg
Attached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext50q.jpgAttached Image: saintpauliaSpUVBaadSB14_20150213wf_29676_ext100q.jpg
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