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Tiarella cordifolia [Foam Flower]

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Posted 26 March 2015 - 20:53

Blum, A.G. (2015) Tiarella cordifolia L. (Saxifragaceae) Foam Flower. Flowers photographed in ultraviolet and visible light. http://www.ultraviol...ia-foam-flower/

Deep Cut Gardens, Middletown, New Jersey, USA
15 May 2013
Wildflower in botanical garden

  • Heartleaf Foamflower
  • Tiarella wherryi Lakela
There is a reversal between the Visible and the Ultraviolet versions of this stand of T. cordifolia, a North American native which is often cultivated. The white flower puffs become UV dark and seem much less foamy. It would be nice to add a detailed study of an individual flower to our database.

1. Missouri Botanical Garden (2015) Tiarella cordifolia. http://www.missourib...kempercode=f990

Equipment [Nikon D600-broadband + Nikon 105mm f/4.5 UV-Nikkor]

Visible Light [f/11 for 1/125" @ ISO-400 in Sunlight with Baader UVIR-Block Filter]
Attached Image: tiarellaCordifoliaVisSun_051513DeepCutParkMtownNJ_12111origpn01.jpg

Ultraviolet Light [f/5.6 for 1/2" @ ISO-400 in Sunlight with Baader UV-Pass Filter]
Attached Image: tiarellaCordifoliaUVBaadSB14_051513DeepCutParkMtownNJ_12113pf.jpg
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