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Mutinus elegans [Elegant Stinkhorn]

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 16:36

Blum, A.G. (2014) Mutinus elegans (Mont.) E.Fisch. (Phallaceae) Elegant Stinkhorn. Fungus photographed in ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. http://www.ultraviol...gant-stinkhorn/

Middletown, New Jersey, USA
02 September 2014
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  • Corynites elegans Mont. (1856)
There's no way around it, the Elegant Stinkhorn is a member of family Phallaceae for a reason - although many websites go to great lengths to refer instead to the Stinkhorn as "finger-shaped" or "rocket-like". The Stinkhorns thrive in the wood chips used to mulch around shrubbery and conifers in New Jersey yard landscapes, so they are easy to find and interesting to observe as they unfold from the white egg-shaped structures which are mostly underground. And yes, sometimes the Stinkhorns' slimy spore masses smell really awful!
Here is a wonderful time-lapse video of the rise and fall of an Elegant Stinkhorn: http://www.plantpath...redits1_FC.html
The Stinkhorn shown in my photos was beginning to collapse, so I propped it up with those sticks.

1. Phillips, R. (1991) Mushrooms of North America. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA.
2. Wikipedia (04 Sept 2014) Mutinus elegans Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco, CA.

Equipment [Nikon D600-broadband + Carl Zeiss 60mm f/4.0 UV-Planar]

Note: The first 3 photographs will click up to 1200 pixels wide in an expanded browser with no sidebars.

Visible Light [f/11 for 1/5" @ ISO 100 in Sunlight with Baader UVIR-Block Filter]
Attached Image: mutinusElegansVisSun_090214wf_26538pnPf.jpg

Ultraviolet Light [f/11 for 10" @ ISO 400 with SB-14 UV-modified Flash and Baader UV-Pass Filter]
The UV flash was fired twice during the 10" interval for more even illumination.
Attached Image: mutinusElegansUVBaadSB14_090214wf_26546pnPf.jpg

Infrared Light [f/11 for 1/4" @ ISO 100 in Sunlight with B+W 092 IR-Pass Filter]
Attached Image: mutinusElegans093IRSun_090214wf_26493pnPf.jpg

Visible Light [f/13 for 1/5" @ ISO 64 with Nikon D810 + 60/2.8G Micro-Nikkor]
This is the egg shaped structure from which the Elegant Stinkhorn emerges.
Attached Image: mutinusElegansEgg_082314wf_362proof.jpg

Visible Light [Full-sized extract from preceding photo.]
Attached Image: mutinusElegansEgg_082314wf_362proof.jpg
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