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UV/IR Techniques, Tests & Gear Talk

  1. Filter Tests & Talk
  2. Experimental Lens Spectra

Discuss UV/IR techniques and gear.
Post your field tests, experiments and comparisons of various gear items.
Ask technical questions here.

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UV Lens Technical Data

  1. Comparisons of UV Lenses
  2. UV Lenses: Dedicated
  3. UV Lenses: Normal
  4. UV Lenses: Non-helicoidal
  5. UV Lenses: Unusual

Transmittance Charts and other technical data.
General lens discussions and lens experiments should still be posted on the main UV/IR Tech, Talk & Gear board.

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UV Lens Photo Gallery

Post pictures of your cool UV Lenses here so we can see what they look like.
This is an informal section.

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STICKIES, References & Lists

Pinned ("Sticky") references for UV/IR Cameras, Lenses, Filters, Lighting.
Academic & Tech References, Floras, Botanical Lists and more.
READ THESE STICKIES first and then you can ask more informed questions.

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UV Essays & Tutorials

Explain the How, or Explain the Why.
A generally formal presentation is requested.

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