• Ultraviolet Photography

Ultraviolet Fauna, Fluorescence, Forensics, People & Scapes


UV Fauna

Show us any animal or insect life you have captured in UV.
Please do not use artificial UV illumination (flashes, LEDs) in such a way as to harm animal and insect eyes.
Informal presentations acceptable here.

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UV Fluorescence & Luminescence

Display all types of UV-induced fluorescence & luminescence.
Informal posts are OK here.

  • 136 topics

UV Forensics & Other Investigations

Enter the world of CSI through UV techniques.
Or, just show everyone how ordinary objects look in UV or IR.
Informal posts are welcome here.

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UV People

Show us how people appear in the UV range.
Informal posts are just fine here.

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UV Scapes

So how does the long view look when photographed in short waves?
Show us your land, sea, desert, city or any other UV Scape.
Informal posts may be made here.

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