• Ultraviolet Photography

Fauna, Fluorescence, Forensics, People & Scapes



Show us any animal or insect life you have captured in UV, IR or any other alternate light.
Please do not use artificial UV illumination (flashes, LEDs) in such a way as to harm animal and insect eyes!

  • 46 topics

Fluorescence & Luminescence

Display all types of fluorescence & luminescence however induced (UV/Vis/IR).

  • 152 topics

Forensics & Other Investigations

Enter the world of CSI through UV or IR techniques.
Investigate art objects under alternate lighting.
Or, just show everyone how ordinary things look in UV/IR.

  • 38 topics

People and Portraits

Show us how people appear in alternate light whether casually gathered or formally posed.

  • 67 topics

Scapes: Land, Sea, City

So how does the long view look when photographed in alternate light?
Show us your land, sea, desert, city or any other Scape.

  • 117 topics