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Posted 06 August 2018 - 13:19

We are in transit from our Maine island location back home to New Jersey, USA. And Birna is now off to an island in Norway for two weeks where it is difficult to find Internet access. So please take care of UVP for us for a couple of days until I get back online by Wednesday (08 August), latest.

My part of the US is sweltering under typical late summer, very humid, rather high temperatures so after 6 weeks of not using any air conditioning in Maine I know we will have to turn it on at home in NJ. There is a Heat Advisory on my cell phone for temperatures up to the low 90°s (32°+) with very high humidity -- thus giving a "real feel" of temperatures in the range 100°-104°F (37.7°-40°C) in my home town. We have some large trees in the yard which do help protect from the full blast of such heat.

The camera gear seems to be staying cool enough in the car. It has been packed in cases of one kind or another which are set into a container which is then covered. The windows of the car have some tint to them which helps block some of the sun & heat. As a test I stored a plastic bottle of refrigerator-cold water near the gear. After 24-hours in the car the bottle was still cool. So far, so good.

Pardon me while I sweat buckets full....... :rolleyes: :blink: :blink: :blink:

Talk to you all later ----
Andrea B.

P. S. The hottest temp I ever experienced was 118°F (47.7°C) in Phoenix, Arizona. The humidity was under 10%, so it was bearable, just.
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