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Chips (not chocolate)

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#1 Mark


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Posted 08 March 2018 - 21:07

It seems I can't eat much of anything these days without shooting it first. Its a sure sign that I am eagerly awaiting spring / summer (for the return of non-food subjects to photograph).

For now, here's a snack I don't often have. A handful of chips from a brand whose name I won't spell out, but rhymes with (and comes from) the Spanish word "doradito". Starting here in VIS.
Attached Image: 2018-03-07_19-11-24_flash_kvhm-420lp.jpg

For once, this food item isn't made to look disgusting under UV. Rather, these just look like blue corn chips to me. Well, almost.
Attached Image: 2018-03-07_19-09-49_s2_0340.jpg

I'm not sure what's happening in this UVIVF image. Some fluorescence from beneath the flavor coating?
Attached Image: 2018-03-07_19-13-28_mte_baader-kv450.jpg

A bland, flavorless look in this IR image. Unless you like the taste of gray, then maybe this is the waveband for you to snack in.
Attached Image: 2018-03-07_19-17-01_flash_r72.jpg

There's something interesting, almost sparkly going on in the UVIIF image. I may not want to know what it is though - because I still want to be able to enjoy this snack once in a while.
Attached Image: 2018-03-07_19-19-44_mte_r72.jpg

Hardware (all images): Lens: 50 mm Nikon Series E + 12 mm extension, Body: Nikon D750 N1404 [broadband]
Snack (pre, during, and post shooting): See above.

#2 Andrea B.

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 23:26

Well the visible fluorescence does give me pause. What in the world have they dipped these chips in to flavor them? Hope it isn't radioactive.

Now looking for chips to munch.....
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