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Tomatillo trio

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Posted 07 February 2018 - 23:23

I finally remembered to grab more than just ONE of my test-subjects-to-be during my last visit to the supermarket (so I can capture multiple views per shot). Shown below across a multispectral set of 5, this tomatillo gave me a nice show under my lights/lens/filters/etc. And it also presented a little surprise of its own.

Lets start with a VIS view of the subject, for reference:
Attached Image: 2018-02-03_19-02-43.jpg
(Front left: unpeeled/husk intact, Front right: bisected, Rear middle: husk removed)

Looking at the UV image, save for some of the fruit's flesh it turns mostly UV dark inside and out - especially those seeds!
Attached Image: 2018-02-03_18-59-12.jpg

Technically speaking, I summarize my findings on this UVIVF image as: So cool! There. I said it. And I stand by my findings 99.846%.
Attached Image: 2018-02-03_19-05-54.jpg

This IR showing isn't as drab as I'm accustomed to, given the nice subtle blue hue in the husk - though not enough to impress me much.
Attached Image: 2018-02-03_19-09-01.jpg

Now, not only do I like the results of this UVIIF image, but there's a curious thing going on here. Notice the base of the cut stem on the fruit in the background. In this image it is dark. I'm a little surprised by this, because by comparison that same area is bright (or at least bright'ish [again, another technical term ;)]) in all of the other images.
Attached Image: 2018-02-03_19-13-14.jpg

Hardware (all images): Lens: 50 mm Nikon Series E + 12 mm extension, Body: Nikon D750 N1404 [broadband]

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