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Veronica polita [Gray Field Speedwell] (in progress)

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 03:04

Blum, A.G. (2017) Veronica polita Fries (Plantaginaceae) Gray Field Speedwell. Flowers photographed in ultraviolet and visible light. http://www.ultraviol...ll-in-progress/

  • Pocilla polita (Fries) Fourr.

Classification of the Veronicas into groups based on their iridoid glucosides and chromosome numbers shows that the very closely related V. polita and V. persica both belong to group II.(2) Practically, the difference between the two species in the field can be determined by measuring the corolla width and pedicel length.
  • V. persica :: corolla 8-11mm wide and stalk 15-40mm long
  • V. polita :: corolla 4-8mm wide and stalk 6-15mm long

1. New England Wild Flower Society (15 Apr 2017) Veronica polita. Gray Field Speedwell. https://gobotany.new...eronica/polita/
2. Taskova R., Albach D., and Grayer R. (2004) Phylogeny of Veronica - a Combination of Molecular and Chemical Evidence. Plant Biology 6(6):673-82 · December 2004
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