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Topics in UV/IR Techniques & Tests
04 April 2016

"Fixing" IR Shutter LED Light Leakage
1.25" Eyepiece Filters Can Fit Some Olympus µ4/3 Bodies [Filters]
290BP10 Test [Filters]
300mm f/5.6 Pentax Ultra-Achromatic UA-Takumar lens [UV Lens]
340 (Hoya) vs 365 (Baader) :: crocuses in the wind :: found a difference [Filters]
35MM F3.5 Preset Why ? [UV Lens]
365nm UV Flash? [UV Lighting]

A beginner's trials and tribulations [UV Lens]
A Calibrated Gray Scale for Forensic Ultraviolet Photography [UV Portrait]
A few photomacrographic lenses [UV Lens]
A little inspiration: Benjamin Von Wong - Ultraviolet photographs (and video)
A new favorite 35mm lens for UV [UV Lens]
A new UV Bandpass filter [Filters]
a paper about xenon flashes [UV Lighting]
A question on enlarger lenses and infinity focus [UV Lens]
A quick-and-dirty transmission test using a pinhole [UV Lens]
A semifisheye attachment that does work in UV [UV Lens]
A short walk with the Meritar... [UV Lens]
A sneak view of the gear for UV macro work [UV Lens]
A Sunflower shoot-out in UV [UV Camera]

A way to scale images relatively to each other in photoshop?
Allamanda Flower in different UV & cool colours mix.
Allamanda Flower in UV Light
Allamanda Flower in UV Light 400 watts
Allium anther
Another Allamanda flower with a Violet Blue Cyan Green filter about 380nm to 530nm. [Filters]
Another IR forum bites the dust [Infrared]
Anybody Know this Filter Please ? [Filters]
Anyone familiar with this filter? [Filters]
Anyone know how a Schott UG-11 and BG-99 stack performs?
Anyone tried Sigma EX DN 19mm f2.8 for UV? [UV Lens]
Anyone using Sony A7 series for UV [UV Camera]
Artificial UV Test Scenario
Asahi 253.7 UAT Filter - Very Leaky [Filters]
Aspects of image scale and technique for UV captures
Astrodon Sloan 1.25" U' filters - $100 closeout [Filters]
Astronomy Filter Sizes and Adapters [Filters]
autofocus UV-capable 50mm lens?
Avoiding reflections...?

B+W 092 IR-Pass Filter: Test for Red Leak [Filters]
B+W 099 Orange + Red + IR Filter [Filters] [Infrared]
Baader U, U-360, UG11, ZWB1 stacks compared [Filters]
Baader-U: Test for Red Leak [Filters]
Barrier Filters: what are they and who needs them? [Filters] [Fluorescence]
Begonia and other flowers under IR/UV/VIS
BEWARE: UV Nikkor 105mm on ebay - tampered with / modified
BG3 Blue + IR Filter [Filters]
Blak Ray 100 AP + Extension cord? [UV Lighting]
Blak-Ray B-100 AP: Spectral Irradiance Chart [UV Lighting]
Blak-Ray® B-100 AP Lamp for UV & UVIVF Photography [UV Lighting]
Blak-Rays vs. MTE UV 301 Nichia Flashlight: Last Light Standing [Fluorescence] [UV Lighting]
Blocking Infrared Light with Copper Sulphate Solution. [Filters]
Blocking Light Leaks from Aperture Windows [UV Lens]
Boon's Latest Lens Test [UV Lens]
Bowens Monolight (Used) @B&H [UV Lighting]
Breaking in the Sony A7R: Part One
Building new UV setup; request for comments [UV Lens]
Bushnell 21mm vs Nikkor 18mm UV Transmission Test Comparison [UV Lens]

Cameras for UV: Pros & Cons of Various Choices [UV Camera]
Canon 1D Mark IV unmodified for UV [Fluorescence] [UV Camera]
Canon 1DM4 with Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 85mm Lens F1.9 [UV Camera] [UV Lens]
Canon 30D Unmodified for UV-look elsewhere (but look here first:) [UV Camera]
Canon 5D unmodified for UV [UV Camera]
Canon 60Da - Good for IR? [Infrared]
Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/3.5 Tessar on Ebay [UV Lens]
CCTV lens for UV? [UV Lens]
Channel Stack: UV channel or UV monochrome? (And comparison to Filter Stack) [Multispectral]
Cleaning of some UV Filters. [Filters]
Clear UV-Blocking filters aren't really uv-blocking filters... [Filters]
Coastal Optics 60/4 & Landscape Focus Stacking? [UV Lens]
Color versus Wavelength
Colorchecker Passport in Solar UV
Colour Profiling GIF - Just for Fun
Comments please about Image-Laboratory camera conversion ad on Ebay
Comparing UV LED Flashlights. [UV Lighting]
Conversion curation?
Convert the D810?
CZJ UV Objektiv 60/4 [UV Lens]

dedicated uv flash tubes that don't work [UV Lighting]
Depth of Field Confusion
Did someone say IPhones? [Infrared]
Digital sensor performance curves [UV Camera]
Disassemble a Metal 80mm EL-Nikkor for Cleaning
Discussion on cameras and lenses for UV
Discussion: Simulating Bee Vision [Insect Vision]
Discussion: UG5 + IR-Cut Filter Stack, Part 1 [Filters] [Insect Vision]
Discussion: UG5/H330 + S8612 Filter Stacks, Part 2 [Filters] [Insect Vision] [Multispectral]
Do-It-Yourself Spectrometer
dSLR vs. mirrorless for UV? [UV Camera]
Dual Band-Pass Filters Comparison [Filters]

E. Ludwig Meritar 50mm f/2.9 for UV [UV Lens]
Ebay Converter: Digital Landscapes (eeassa)
Ebay Converter: Image Laboratory (image-laboratory)
Ebay Converter: Neimartphoto (neimartphoto)
Ebay Converter: Some may not offer proper camera conversions
EL-Nikkors: FFD, Mount & Filter Dimensions [UV Lens]
Email fixed? YES ! Awaiting DNS changes to propagate.
Eschscholzia californica and Citrus x limon
Example pictures taken with PrimaLuceLab UV filter [Filters]
Examples of photographs throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum
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False colour green in UV-images (Baader U filter)
False colour spectrum
Felicia amelloides, Visible and UV-A
FIAP, PSA & RPS new definitions for Nature & Wildlife Photo Exhibition Entries
Field test - Auto Tamron Adapt-A-Matic 28mm F/2.8 Model PFH-28Au [UV Lens]
Filter Test: AndreaU UV-Pass [Filters]
Filter Test: AndreaU, BaaderU, PrecisionU with UV-Flash & S8612 [Filters]
Filter Test: BaaderU UV-Pass [Filters]
Filter Test: Quick Look at Hoya B-410 [Filters]
Filter Test: Schott BG40 for Colour Correction in Converted Camera [Filters] [UV Portrait]
Filtered Nichia 395nm UV LED vs. Filtered Nichia 365nm UV LED
Filters and Fog [Filters]
Filters available in larger sizes? [Filters]
First "3D" images
First Effort... [Fluorescence]
First Experimental UV Kit Questions [Filters]
First test (self) portrait [UV Portrait]
first test using EL-Nikkor 80mm, B+W 403 Ultra Violet, Sunlight and Kodak Daylight Film [UV Film]
First Tussilago of 2014
First UV Macro - A Dandelion Posted Image [UV Lens]
Flash, flash triggers etc for Panasonic G5 [UV Lighting]
Flashgun Test: Nissin Di622 MKII [UV Lighting]
Floral reflectance database
Flower Colours through the Lens...
Flowers electric [Conical Cells] [Insect Vision]
Fluorescence-Mediated Sensor Response in Ultraviolet Photography: A Short Case Study
Full Spectrum Camera Conversion Discussion (need to update the Stickies)

Garcia Papers in Open Access Journals
Germicidal fluorescent tube as UV source [UV Lighting]
GH1 Broadband Profiling Examples [UV Camera] [UV Portrait]
Glass in the Path: Sensor Stacks and Adapted Lenses
Going to try to tag tech posts [TAG LIST ADDED]
Gopro Hero 4 for UV photography/video? [UV Camera]
Got a D750 in for possible conversion
Grab a bargain: Soligor 35mm f3.5 on eBay [UV Lens]

Has anyone tested Soligor 400 mm f/6.3 and 21 mm f/3.5? [UV Lens]
Hedomar vs Kuribayashi UV Transmission Test Comparison [UV Lens]
Helicoids [UV Lens]
Helicoids vs Extension Tubes vs Bellows for Close-ups and Macros [UV Lens]
Helios 44 - opinions? [UV Lens]
Help Needed: Filter Mounting on Steinheil Lens [Filters]
Hot target
How do I fit the filter to the lens? [Filters]
How much NIR is too much in UV?
How much UV is "Bad" for me
How to Open .csv File as a Graph?
HTML editor?
Humans can see Infrared? [Infrared]
Humans can see Near Infrared?--second try [Infrared]

ICF data available
Ideal Flora/Fauna Conditions for UVIVF Photography [Fluorescence]
Incandescent lamps as UV source, an attempt [UV Lighting]
Index of Techniques & Tests Topics
Index: Tag Searches
Informal Test of Two Taks on a K5: 135/3.5 and 85/4.5 [UV Lens]
Infrared Fluorescence [Fluorescence] [Infrared]
Inorganic Subject For UV Testing
Interesting Daylight Fluorescence Photography System [Fluorescence]
IR & visible light block for full spectrum flash [UV Lighting]
Is there one size that fits all? [Filters]
It's Rough Down There at 293nm [Filters]

JML test - does this mean anything? [UV Lens]
Just Another Simple Spectroscope...
Just made for the tech-heads

Kaligar 35/3.5 for UV [UV Lens]
Kuribayashi Petri 35mm f/3.5 lens - UV Transmission [Filters] [UV Lens]
Kyoei 80mm f/3.5 Sparticle tests [UV Lens]
Kyoei Super-Acall 135/3.5 Question [UV Lens]

Lamium album
Learning About Your Digital Camera's Light Meter
Learning In-Camera UV White Balance [UV Portrait]
Learning the Sony A7R-BB: Part Two
LED lights [UV Lighting]
Leitz Focotar-II for UV [UV Lens]
Leitz lens? [UV Lens]
Lens Clamp Filter Holder Experiment [Filters]
Lens comparisons: El Nikkor 80mm, OD. Industries and X135 [UV Lens]
Lens Field Test [F-mount, Close, Vis/IR/UV] [UV Lens]
Lens Field Test [F-mount, Infinity, Vis/IR/UV] [UV Lens]
Lens Field Test [M42-mount, Infinity, Vis/IR/UV] [UV Lens]
Lens Image Circle ? [UV Lens]
Lens Spanner Wrench: Straight Leg or Curved Leg?
Lens test: Rodenstock EL-Omegar 1:35 50mm [UV Lens]
Lens testing with a spectrophotometer [UV Lens]
Lens Transmission Chart: Olympus Zuiko 20mm & 25mm Pen-F [UV Lens]
Lens UV Damage Threshold [UV Lens]
Lenses' UV photography suitability
Leopard Changes Its Spots [Infrared]
Light Leaks through Viewfinder
List Lenses for Testing or for Adding to Lens Sticky
Lumix GH1 Broadband: White Balance & Colour Correction in Photo Ninja [& Midtone Curve Discussion] [UV Camera] [UV Portrait]

Manual Lens Repair & Adjustment
Meyer-Optik Görlitz 35/4.5 Primagon for UV -- Test Delayed. Woops!
Meyer-Optik Görlitz 35mm f/4.5 Primagon for UV [UV Lens]
Minolta W.Rokkor-QE 1:4 35mm - Discovery of yet ANOTHER good UV performer. [UV Lens]
Modified Olympus vs Panasonic and image stabilization [UV Camera]
Monitor colour control
Monobloc studio flash as a UV light source? [UV Lighting]
Monochrome conversion via sensor swap!
Monochrome DSLR imaging UVA-VIS-NIR
More on petals under high magnification in UV [Conical Cells]
MTE UV 301 torch/flashlight review [UV Lighting]
My first try with the new macro setup
My little collection of 35/3.5 presets [UV Lens]
My struggle with lenses [UV Lens]
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NAI UV Photography
Nano Technology & Structural Colour
Never-ending story: getting higher UV resolution [UV Lens]
New UV Lamps for Ultraviolet Photography [UV Lighting]
Nichia 033A UV LED: Shiny Metal Test for Visible Output [UV Lighting]
Nichia NCSU033B UV365nm LED [Fluorescence] [UV Lighting]
Nichia UV LED Lamps [UV Lighting]
Nikon 35 mm f/2.5 SE lens for IR [Infrared] [UV Lens]
Nikon D5100 full spectrum vs monochrome [UV Camera]
Nikon D70S for UV use [UV Camera]
Nikon NX-D Software Test
Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2014
Noise and sensor size references [UV Camera]
North American Asters - argghh.....
Now for very wide angles... [Filters]

Oh man ! I have a lens that does this. [UV Lens]
Oh Violet, Lovely Violet, but I don't think much of Her Sister Magenta.
Olympus G.Zuiko 20 mm f/3.5 initial test [UV Lens]
Omegaron No Leak Helicoid Mounting [UV Lens]
On Ebay: a good alternative to EL-Nikkor 80 f5.6 / 75 f4.0 [UV Lens]
Optical density has its limits [Filters]
Optical spectrum analyzer
Optimizing a lens for UV transmission [UV Lens]
Overthinking Lens Optics [UV Lens]
OWL filter holder for mirrorless cameras

Panasonic Lumix DMC G3 Camera [UV Camera]
Partial Solar Eclipse through the Baader-U filter
Pentax 35/4.0 for UV [UV Lens]
Pentax K5 Broadband: Visible Colour Correction [UV Camera] [UV Portrait]
Photo Ninja help needed for metadata issues
Photo Ninja: Colour Correction: Light Source Tab
Photo Ninja: Profiling for UV Photos [UV Portrait]
Photo Ninja: white balancing for UV [UV Portrait]
Photos with Various Schott & Hoya Filters :: K5 + UAT85/4.5 [Filters]
Playing with the CopperU [Filters]
Possibilities for Alternative Optics? [UV Lens]
Posts I'd Like To See Posted Image
Potentilla spp, a blue potentilla?
Pre-Flash Discussion [UV Lighting]
PrimaLuceLab U filter [Filters]
Prinzgalaxy 35mm f/3.5 vs Soligor KA Koyei clone [UV Lens]
Prunus salicina ("Japanese Plum" fruit tree) in comparative VIS and UV exposures
PTFE as Background for Photo [UV Portrait]

Quest for a UV-capable wide-angle lens [UV Lens]
Question for you about comparing lenses [UV Lens]
Question from a newbie
Quick test of some cheap 50mm lenses [UV Lens]

Raw Digger: Awesome Development Team
Recently, but rarely seen on Ebay [UV Lens]
Red on UV fluorescence?
Red-Blue ratio?
Resonance fluorescence
Resurrecting an Old Lens Test (Mostly Nikons) [UV Lens]
Review of converted Olympus E-PM2
Revue 135/3.5 Review [UV Lens]
Revue 35mm f/3.5 vs Soligor 35mm f/3.5 KA Kuri Clone [UV Lens]
Rites of Spring: UV filter shootout with Tussilago [Filters]
Rodenstock Omegar 75mm f/4.5 for UV [UV Lens]
Rosco Permacolor #3660 Dichroic UV Pass [Filters] [Fluorescence]
Rumor: Nikon D810 Astrophotography Model
Rusty Nut and Bolt - Precision U D300 [Filters] [UV Camera] [UV Lens]

Seeking advice for a novice UV Photographer
Seen on Ebay [Thread includes some lens tests.] [UV Lens]
Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700/C-700R
Sensor Stack Thickness
Shiny Metal Test in UVIVF Photogaphy [Fluorescence]
Sigma Cameras for UV, more trials. [UV Camera]
Sigma Foveon Really Does the Funk. [Fluorescence]
Sigma Foveon Rich Full Spectrum with a CPL [UV Camera]
Simple spectrometer for filter test?
Small useful light box, the "Foldio"
So, what does that Bayer filter really cost? [Filters]
Solar Eclipse - What's safe to use for viewing / photographing?
Soligor 28mm f/2.8 vs Soligor KA Kuri Clone [UV Lens]
Soligor Wide Auto 35mm vs Soligor KA Koyei clone [UV Lens]
SOM Berthiot Cinor 17/1.5 C-mount lens
Some faux-color IR creative work
Some interesting UV LED Headlamps [UV Lighting]
Some uses of UV lamps [UV Lighting]
Sony NEX-5N monochrom conversion results
Special Bee Vision Filter
Spotted on EBay: EL-Nikkor 63 f2.8 £145 [UV Lens]
Spring was here - for a day !
Stacking Topics
Stand for UV Torch? [UV Lighting]
Standardized UV False Colour Musings [UV Portrait]
Steinheil Munchen Auto-Quinaron 35mm F/2.8 [UV Lens]
Sun Gun II and UV [UV Lighting]
Super-Lentar 35mm vs Soligor KA Koyei clone [UV Lens]
Surplus - Bandpass Filters, Andover Optics [Filters]
Surpluss Shed

Tele-Ennalyt 135 mm f/2.8 lens dissection [UV Lens]
Test of 9 small-format, short FL lenses [UV Lens]
Test of Photo Display Size
Test to see if the Leica Monochrom could capture UV [UV Camera]
test to show movie bee on blackberry
Testing a UV-flash [UV Lighting]
Testing for UV in the Midnight Sun
Testing the Hoya U340 with S8612, BG40 and BG39 [Filters]
The Amazing Gazania
The Color Checker Passport and UV: An Interesting Discovery (Re-discovery?) [UV Portrait]
The Enna München Ennalyt "clones" [UV Lens]
The lost diary of Dr. Livingstone
The Sun Gun [UV Lighting]
The very scientific lab-test of 3 enlarger lenses Posted Image (not really...) [UV Lens]
Thinking about Tones in Simulated Bee Vision [Insect Vision]
This morning my camera stopped working in UV...
Three 365nm UV torches compared [UV Lighting]
Transmission data for Wratten Filters [Filters]
Trying Out the 340AF15: Strange Results [Filters]
Tussilago farfara (informal) [Fluorescence]

U330 with no additional filtration [Filters]
U360+BG40, U360+S8612, BaaderU: IR Leak Test [Filters]
UG5 + S8612 Stack: Test with and without UV-flash [Filters] [Insect Vision]
UG5 test: how do I get that nice green? [Filters]
Ultracheap wide angle lens for UV? [UV Lens]
Under <300 nm? [UV Camera]
Unmodified Nikon D810 for UV/IR? Well, no. [UV Camera]
Useful Reference Objects for UV Test Photos
UV & IR Channel Recording Comparison
UV Allamanda Flower in Sunlight with AstroDonUVenus filter
UV and Your Eyes :: UV Safety Reference [UV Lighting]
UV Camera Conversions [UV Camera]
UV can be dangerous
UV Capable Lenses Seen on Ebay: Recent [UV Lens]
UV Capable Lenses Seen on Ebay: Sept 2014 [UV Lens]
UV Dental photography [Fluorescence]
UV Drone
UV Eyes
UV flash test: Canon 199A & Promatic FTD 4500 AF
UV Help in NYC: Identifying a WWII Artifact
UV imaging for detecting sulphur dioxide volcanic plumes
UV Index
UV Lens Test: What should be included? [UV Lens]
UV Lenses: cut-off at 220nm vs 310nm. What is the difference? [UV Lens]
UV Light Does Not Fully Purify Water
UV light wavelenghts? [UV Lighting]
UV Lighting and health
UV sensitivity among mammals
UV sensor?
UV Sparticle BandPass Filter Array [Filters]
UV through glass
UV Torch as UV Illumination: Example of a Problem [Conical Cells] [UV Lighting]
UV used to attract bats
UV Video
UV, Diffraction and Sensor Size [UV Camera]
UV-contamination in UVIVFL photography [Fluorescence]
UV-Flashlight [Fluorescence]
UV-Nikkor for $1900.-? ... Likely a SCAM! - Be VERY careful!
UV-Pass Filter Test I: Baader-U, Precision-U(old), Hoya 340 + S8612, Hoya 360 + S8612 [Filters]
UV-Pass Filter Test II: B+W 403 + S8612, B+W 403 + BG39, Precision-U(old), Baader-U [Filters]
UV-Pass Filter Test III: Baader-U vs. Precision-U(old) [Filters]
UV-Pass Filter: 340AF15 [Filters]
UV-Rodagon Velcro-ed to Helicoid [UV Lens]
UV/visible filter stack [Filters]
UVIVF Landscapes and Interior Environments [Fluorescence] [UV Lighting]
UVIVF: Shortwave (254nm / UV-C) vs. Midwave (UV-B) vs. Longwave (395nm / UV-A) [Fluorescence]
UVIVFL Setup [Fluorescence]

Vegetable Garden Plants
Vis/UV/IR El-Nikkor 105mm (plastic version) on Canon 1DM4 [UV Camera] [UV Lens]
Vision in ultraviolet wavelengths - some remarkable possibilities
Visually Induced Infrared Fluorescence [Fluorescence] [Infrared]
Vivitar 285HV for UVIVFL? [Fluorescence]

Waiting for my new DSLR
Wanted - Andrea U 52mm filter Please ?
Wanted, Baader U2 filter 1-1/4" astro size
Warning about retaining the "dust shaker" on converted DSLRs [UV Camera]
Was is the function of this pane? [UV Camera]
Wavelength Pro software development project
What colour do you call this?
What Converter/Editor Are You Using for Your UV Fotos ?
What is "Fluoresence"? [Fluorescence]
What is the real response of Panasonic Lumix G3? [UV Camera]
When Infrared Is Not Invisible [Filters] [Infrared]
Where does "red" come from? [Filters]
White balance (WB) and RAW-development [UV Portrait]
White balance correction is not enough for good Visible colour in a converted camera [UV Portrait]
White balance lens cap - any good for UV? [UV Portrait]
White-balancing UV-photos in Lightroom [UV Portrait]
White-Nose Syndrome in Bats
Whitebalancing for Insect Vision with Sony Nex7 [Insect Vision]
Why no good dark Violet in digital photography ?
Will DaveO be able to meet the challenge ?
Will this be enough? An IR blocking filter.
Will this have any effect on UV Photography ?
Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) pano multi nonscientific [Multispectral]

X-Ray/Gamma-Induced Visible Fluoresence [Fluorescence]
X80QF 80mm f/3.2 Lens for UV/IR in Limited Edition from Dr. Klaus Schmitt [UV Lens]
Xenon lamps [UV Lighting]
Xenon Strobe and Flash Safety Hints [UV Lighting]
Xenon-flash UV sterilizing robot [UV Lighting]
Xume filter adapters [Filters]

Yellow Pigments of Australian Acacias
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This is BIG Andrea B)

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Kudos to Andrea. Girl power and SQL insights in combination surely make our day :D
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Thanks guys! I suppose it is the sign of a true nerd to be one who loves to write sql queries.

Now, if only I could introduce some tabs into this to better line up the bracketed tags! Eventually.............

I still need to find a day to finish adding tags to certain posts in the UV/IR Techniques & Tests board.
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